About Us

So this is the crew of The Gmc Duo! Richard, Sabina and our two little acquaintanes Molly and Pat. We are currently living in sweden working our full time jobs whilst re-building our van to travel in around europe.

We met a year and a half ago and quickly decided that we wanted to explore the sites around that the world has to offer. We saw an idea of living in a van on facebook and thought that it was an awesome way to do this, giving us the freedom to see and do what we like around europe.

A little short introduction about us.

Im Richard 22 years old and an Arborist that travelled to sweden 2 years ago to travel and gain work experience abroad. My job is climbing and looking after trees. This job is something that I love as it allows me to travel with work anywhere and also love the job its self. I have a keen passion for snowboarding, hiking, fishing and anything outdoors.

Im Sabina and 27 years old. Im born and raised in Sweden and lived here for my whole life. Im living with diabetes type 1 since 2001 and this trip is gonna be the first time Im leaving the safe Sweden with its good healthcare for a longer time.  Right now Im a full time worker as a car mechanic and it gives me the opportunity to be very practical at work and its great since Im a massive petrol head. Im also a vegetarian as I have been for last 4 years. 

Then ofcourse we cant forget about the mini duo Molly and Pat.

Molly is a fury colliemix with loads of energy.  She is up for anything,  loves swiming and chasing balls. She is just about 6 years old. A dog in her best age. 

Pat is the newest member and around 7 months. He was found as a little pup on the streets of Greece. He moved to sweden when was 4 months and is now settled for more adventures with us. He loves to sleep and he is being trained to be the best arbdog by going to work with Richard everyday.