The day we bought the van!

Big and blue

After a long search for a van we found the right one for us. It is a Gmc Savana born 1996. Buying any van is a gamble, it is a lot of research and time. There are lots of pros and cons in every van but we manage to find the right one for us. The only negative is that it is an American car and has a V8. It is very hard to get hold parts for it since we live in Sweden and you have to import stuff from America. We did research and found out that this type of engine is one of the best and reliable engines there is. This is a huge positive in buying this van, along with the space, comfort, price and the fact that it is really cool.

Once we bought the van we had a 3 hour drive back home. Within those 3 hours we realized that we bought the perfect van for us. It is really comfy and drove well. The journey was a big laugh and we were so exited that we had just bought the biggest part in the start of our big adventure to come.

So this is how it started and this is the only picture you gonna see of Big and Blue since a huge makeover was about to take place.

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